Balandra Beach is one of my favorite place to visit for the weekend, Is a really calm place where you can enjoy.  Is located two hours from home, but is worth it. 

I have been quiet this days enjoying quality time with my people. My Mom came for visit, we enjoyed her stay at home and took her to enjoy some views from our town.

The weather has been a bit cloudy, even tho we spend the days outdoors, we visit One & Only Palmilla,  Balandra beach, pool time at Pueblo Bonito Sunset and allot of treasure hunting in some nice big storages plus it was my 32 birthday.

The pictures from above are taken at Balandra Beach. Love the crystalline water with white sand color, it contrast very nicely with black rocks.

I have a thing for rocks and stones I guess, is something beautiful the way I see it.

Alejandrina Bessoberto



Mexican Poetry
Francisco Cancino designed garments from a review of the Mexican culture. Yakampot new collection for autumn-winter 2014-15 season, is "on rituals, chamanería and mysticism characteristic of Mexican native cultures." Nature references define women's clothes, which are reflected in cuts, color selection and drop cloths. Mexican folklore poetic and transformed into useful forms.


Poética Mexicana

Francisco Cancino diseña prendas a partir de una revisión de la cultura mexicana. La nueva colección de Yakampot, para la temporada otoño-invierno 2014-15, es «sobre rituales, chamanería y el misticismo característico de las culturas nativas mexicanas». Las referencias de naturaleza definen las prendas femeninas, que se plasman en los cortes, la selección cromática y la caída de las telas. Poética y folclor mexicano se transformaron en formas útiles. 



Carla Fernández is a fashion designer and cultural historian who is documenting, preserving, revitalising and bringing to contemporary relevance the rich textile heritage of Mexico’s indigenous communities.

Carla Fernández es una diseñadora de modas e historiadora cultural que está documentando, preservando, revitalizando y trayendo a una relevancia contemporánea la rica herencia textil de las comunidades indígenas de México.

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