Playful Nature

One of my favorite things when it comes to blogging is kids world, so I am starting this week sharing one of my top three currently favorites from Leonardos world.

The Poster Club online shop based in Copenhagen Denmark who has the best posters from scandinavian Illustrators, graphic designers and photographers selected us to choose a poster from the store,  I have to admit it was very difficult to choose because they have a big repertory. So I give it a go with this beautiful print "Little house in trouble" By Sofie Jensen, Architect and design couple based in Copenhagen studio working with graphic art illustration. I loved it right away, the clean lines, beautiful simplicity with a beautiful interpretation. I mean is really a great poster. It fits perfectly my sons room. 

I invite you all to visit The Poster Club online shop and you can find a nice poster for your home.
You can find the sponsor banner on the right side column from my blog.

We love playful nature, we currently have been playing searching bugs with a magnifying glass and training searching whales with our beastly killer whale binoculars, very helpful now that the whale season is coming. I mean really we love playful nature here.  

Hope you like our selection and props for this kids world individual community.

Have a nice start of the week.



One of my favorite colors beside grey is nude color, is probably one of the color that has been lately poping out to find some warming tones inside a monochromatic home. I found this pictures on my camera while editing a project that I had been working on this week and I kind of like this leftover pictures that I guess worth a post continuing my cozy bedroom last post.

I had my cozy blanket before Leonardo was born, is actually one of my favorites because of the sentimental meaning. Is perfect and it always looks so good with soft grey tones.

I have been using one of my favorite dress from Zara, a nude color that I really like, so fresh with classy style very simple with hidden pockets. And as the weather is changing, at night is starting to refresh a little bit I just got a simple fresh nude cardigan.

I just thought sharing some leftover pics in this lazy sunday.

Hope everyone is enjoying.



One of my favorite area inside my home will have to be my bedroom I believe I have never post about my bedroom since way long ago, where I relax, sleep, dream and cuddle with my husband and my son. I like it very simple with not much furnitures, I prefer empty fresh space. I think is been a while since I have made some arrangements according with my needs and what I feel better to have around. 

My husband side is the one I have made another modification, is crazy how I move this lamp and it came back where it was in the first place, but I use it more higher so I can hang my outfit of the day.
On the other side I have a simple Muuto Dot to hang my favorite knit blanket. Also I have some gold details like the small dot is a hidden jewelry where my husband puts his ring and keys after work.
The big round golden thing in the back is a golden metal tray that I currently use in bed, but some people just thought it was a mirror, so I kind it like the soft reflection of it. Lots of fresh linen and now cozy afternoons and nights. 

I like it very soft and simple, allots of whites, soft gray, a little bit of tan color, gold details and a touch of black. I found it very calming and I wanted to show exactly how it is almost all day. Now that I have my own bathroom I think I have less light in the morning, but still prefer this cozy atmosphere.

Hope you like it.
Happy thursday.


Crochet detail

When it comes to adding small details to Leonardos room is always a pleasure to share. I actually enjoy sharing his little world with everyone. So I will like to share with you this lovely crochet detail made by Keep Calm and Knit, a lovely girl living in Milan Italy knits very lovely products. I selected a lovely crochet jellyfish for kids decoration, you know how much I love aquatic animals, specially Jellyfish. I choose the light grey color knowing it will match perfect with one of the knitting blankets. 

Feel free to follow her work here on her website and her Etsy shop. You can find the link to her store on the banner sponsor side.

Hope you like it as much I do.

Have a nice start of the week.

Weekend Journal

It has been a while since I haven't made a post on the blog. It feels strange and sometimes I don't remember to have time for it. Is not that I don't want to but it seems that there is more things to get done before making a post. I know it sounds strange but I feel like I might not be doing what Im really good at, maybe blogging is not my highest point. Is fun to share things and stuff you like but that is not what really matters to me and expectations. I have farther ambitions, but looking at reality this is only a hobby that maybe I am distracting from real pleasures and blessing in life.

I made a huge parenthesis in this month about my life, resting and getting allot of things re-organized at home with my family. When I feel I am getting rid off everything that takes me too much of my time to get me to do what Im good at, there is always another thing that comes through.
So I thought, maybe writing a blog is not my highest point.
[Almost a month ago a hurricane named Odile, Category 4 hit Baja Peninsula México where I live, It landfall at 10:00pm sunday night. It was the terrible experience I had to live in my life, that is the reason I was not available. I had no power light, no place to buy food, no potable water, and with damages around us. Very busy weeks and exhausted at the same time. Thats the price you have to pay choosing to live in a land end place.]

So I wanted to come back make a post with my Son who is my priority and who I love to hang out.
Sometimes you have to sacrifice allot of things in life to see the happy smile on their faces.
I know there is something better and creative that Im good at, I just need to focus and find the time to do so.

Hope you are enjoying your weekend.