One of my favorite colors of spring will be dusty beige, gray shades and a hint of brass. The sun had been very warm this days, sometimes at night is cold wind, but spring is always so nice to welcome.
I have been trying to write and share more on the blog, but it seems is a hobby that is no longer in my to do list this days. So I am thankful for every kind support you have been giving to me. But you can find me instagraming, I find it same as good as the blogging world.

Enjoy the holidays.


Leonardo haves a fascination of reading his books every night, also a favorite friend who is always with him except when he haves to go to kindergarten,  and a fussy bear blanket. We like also stars and wooden blocks as always.

Kids world is always fun.



It has been a while from writing something here on the blog, I made a little post to share some details on my desk and whats on my mood this days.

Love the sand tones and browns with brass tone. Spring is showing up early this year, so keep in it clean and fresh, I guess it wont last long,  is always messy but cant complain.

Hope you like it.
Happy thursday!

Brass details:
Clip Clip, Italian Scissors, Spinning Top from HAY DK
Bulb from Plumen
Metal box HM
Glasses from Menu DK and Ikea



I currently made some space on the kid room so I can figure out to set a desk or an art work space kind of thing, still progress thought. Leonardo is almost three years old and very necessary to organized that space.

So I thought sharing while everything was organized, because now it seems like a bomb explode!

Happy thursday.


Tuesday Mood

A little tuesday mood in this slow weekend.
Have a nice one.