I know this are not even fresh news now but still haven't got time to share this with my lovely friends.
I know its been only one year since we moved in our new place, but this little upgrades were truly necessary, specially having a baby at home.

I upgraded the Ikea sofa with new covers, I was expecting dark grey, but this carbon grey color is much better and Im loving it so much, this way I am not worry if Leonardo walks over it. I also upgraded the sofa legs to a simple design great price as well.

On the other side I was lucky to upgrade the coffee table to a Hay design furniture, yes very excited, been on my wish-list for ages. Linen curtains were christmas gift, always dreamed with linen curtains this light grey matches so nice with the flooring, they flow so nice with the wind.

Some new objects and a new print on the wall.

Hope you like it, very small changes but still good start right?

Have a nice day.

The new monday

Starting the week fresh and with so much energy coming from a good easter. Sometimes you just have to take some time to step in the sand and come back with a new start to everything in life.

I am truly glad I live in front of the sea, it gives you new perspectives, different vision to see things, but still you can mix it with your personal taste.

Have a nice week, never to late to start a good one.

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Hope you are having a nice start of easter.
I did some last minute shopping to complete some basics needs to wear this weekend.

These are some of my favorites for a few days at the beach and pool with my family.

Have a nice weekend.

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I received a wonderful gift from a talented Jewelry designer from Poland, her name is Agata BieleƱ. Her work is recognized by subtle geometrical lines and lightweight elegance.
She have four amazing collections,  with minimalistic and sophisticated design. One of my favorite is the "Fine Line" collection by the dimensions of the delicate form. The line breaks into several angles giving a lovely aspect while you wear it. 

Each item is handcrafted with love by the designer in her studio.

Visit her website to see more of her work and don't forget to stop by her online store.



I have been following & Other Stories fan page on Facebook and I find very attractive with the nail tutorial that Ivania Carpio from Love Aesthetics is presenting with nail colours you can find from the online store.

The Single Stripe is my favorite so far, I don't have much time to paint my nails so I think this is a really good idea to take advantage and win some time.

Hope you are having a great mid week getting ready for easter vacations.

Source /  www.facebook.com/andotherstories



Hi there, hopefully you are having a good day, yes it's finally friday and sure have plans for the weekend with your little ones. 
Continuing from our last post of the plywood box here is more details inside my kid room.

Its clean, organize, yes simple but still fun!

Defiantly the plywood box and the wishbone flip they are our favorite at the moment.

Lego big storage and money box / Wishbone Flip / Fine Little Day poster 
Hay Design Gym hooks / Ikea Stuva System and Flaxa storage bedbase
H&M bedding / Piawallen blanket 

Have a nice weekend.