Still Life

Monday motivation to start planning the next step. Just sharing some things from my desk.
Good start of the day.

Desk vibes always good.

I started this monday with Emilie Simon music to get some inspiration.


New layout and Inspo

Sunday night working on a new design for my blog, and working on a new layout for inspirational mood. I think is about time to start a new design that can help me do it easy and just share some thoughts.

The expression of the styling of the furnitures are so inspiring the way the look like explosion. Not to mention the tones and lovely materials. Also the dress is beautiful with classic style.

This weekend was very relaxing charging energy to start the week.
The best for everyone.

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So far so good, always a pleasure to come back and share some thoughts here so I can start this beautiful journey.

This week I started to continue my vision about how can I make an impact to promote Mexican design, and make a mix with scandinavian design. I always had this idea of designing something for living, my husband is very good working with wood and I like sewing but I am a graphic designer. But well, it all started years ago with the vision to work for a magazine, but some bumps gets in the way and really excited to make it through. So continuing the part, I try to learn from people who makes objects for living, reading Folio Digital Magazine opened me some interest to find them. Even more learning from them how they work and they sale the products. I tried to make a lamp that could be easy for me to do, not to question if is another designer work, but just testing and learning on the way. So far is no matter because I am another one on earth and they would probably even notice. But the point is what you can discover by making the lamp. So  I take notes about the process and help me to know if I am good at making an object with fabric. I like sewing but I find interesting the wood like a good material.

Is great starting this journey with this magazine because it makes me want to participate but Im only a graphic designer, so I will try to find a way collaboration with them writing if I ever get so lucky. 
But this magazine was the inauguration of my home. I had this vision and it has been growing ever since. I know I got distracted with many projects of personal life and much important my son who was only one year old.

So this first step could open me doors in many ways I can ever thought of. I want to have a good pay for my work so I have to make it clear my baby steps are going.

Ever more, now I am planing to study a master degree on interior design so I can support my vision and offer better quality to sponsors or even more my own work. In the meanwhile I will only blog about the process and styling objects of daily life.



A couple of weeks ago I have been working on some things underground for my future plans. I started to investigate some Mexican furniture designers that I really like with an approach to scandinavian design. Im really looking forward this weekend to find more nice things to start promoting a little more about my country. 

A few years I started working on our new home, which it kept me very busy to start blogging. I was very excited starting this journey buying a small place and stooped paying rent for something I didn't liked. Very patience Is now the time to start a new phase in my life where I can feel free and enjoy it with my family.

I like to work in my living room where I can feel relaxed in my free time and think what are the possibilities of searching a dream. How am I going to get there? 
It sound very strange but nothing can be really impossible if you really want it. I missed working but I enjoy home as well. I missed Guadalajara but my home and husband work is here. 
So focusing on my needs will be to start somewhere that can lead me to where I want to be.

So in my pending list for next week will be start contacting people who can help me start this individual project and looking forward visiting Guadalajara to reborn that phase that I left pending in my life.

I like the way things gets in the way and a beautiful meaning to it. 
So hopefully this new journey opens me good opportunities for long term.

Happy weekend.