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Starting the week with good motivation.
Free your mind, is always a good start.
Have a good one.

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Clothing Rack and Chunky Sandals

Well, sure now is Friday and I am exited because the weekend is finally here! The DIY thing is pretty great to do, the fact doing things with our hands can be more interesting than I thought. I am not good showing the process but you can check a similar here. I made this clothing rack with wood and cooper.  I decided to choose black matte paint and very pleased with the result. Actually I made it for my kid, thats why I decided to make a mix and use some auxiliary toys from the playroom to make something unpredictable with the pictures.

I have the philosophy to create things with our hands, I am very thankful my husband helped me. He is very methodic on doing things and very neat with the finishes. 

The process is quiet simple, and they are very useful. We made this DIY a few weeks ago, and I wanted to share it with you. 

Among all the beautiful  inspiration I would like to share my favorite Chunky Sandals, that got from Zara. You probably already saw them on my Instagram feed. They are pretty great and comfy sandals. They look great with everything, love the velcro detail. I went for a ultramarine blue color. I feel very attractive with this color just perfect for summer.

Hope you like this small beautiful details.

Have a wonderful weekend.



I want to share some of my loving things from my kitchen. Here are some kitchen wooden utensils I love so much and more kitchen stuff I use everyday.

Also I want to share the first DIY that my husband and I made for the kitchen. Wooden box shelves are easy to build, they come in the Ok Book, but I made a mini version size. We added a clip just like Muuto design brand. I love how they look against the soft gray wall. This is exactly what I was needing to make a balance, it was a very lonely wall before.

I also moved my Ikea PS lamp to the kitchen, I find it very useful here.

Today I made some fresh lemonade with mint for the hot summer.

Hope you like this new kitchen details.

Have a wonderful day.



Currently working on some things and keeping me very busy and motivated to create new stuff for my home. We already made a few, and I want to share them with you.

But first I want to mention my motivation and inspiration. Ok Book is created by Riikka Kantinkoski and Susanna Vento, both talented and beautiful soul.

I know the book is finnish language, but somehow I knew I could figure it out with the pictures, is a visual book and I don't need to do the exact same size. This way I feel free to personalize dimensions that can work best for me.

So now I am working on some things that I will bring up to the blog and show more progress that I believe worth sharing.

Enjoy your stay.

Have a wonderful day.



Summer time is my favorite, I enjoy it so much, especially here on my balcony. I like when dull days come, I try to take the good side of things and convert it to something positive. The light is grey and I took some pictures to share.

We prepared some fresh lemonade and fresh sashimi, is our currently favorite plate. We treat us right with some cherries and white wine to spend the day. And of course reading Interior magazines to delight my eye and get more inspiration.

We moved into our new home almost 1 year and half from now, and I am very thankful for everything.

We have simple outdoor furniture because of the space. We enjoy Acapulco chair to rest and look at our beautiful view. This chair is a piece of art from my beautiful México, but I know I bring it a bit too different at a nordic style. Have you ever use one? I will have to guaranty you its a excellent product and for all my readers Acapulco Baja Chairs is offering 15% discount with the promo code ACABESSO in your checkout. They have worldwide shipping! Feel free to follow them on facebook fan page.

So I hope to see you around and if you are more interested on more I do on my balcony you can check the hash-tag #alebessobalcony on my Instagram.

Have a lovely start of the week.


SAM dining table for Fogia

SAM dining table for Fogia is a collaboration between NOTE, Andreas Engesvik and Stefan Borselius.
SAM, a shortening of "samarbete", which means "collaboration" in Swedish.

I find it very attractive, something I would love to have in the future, the soft grey color table top is perfectly and would be a perfect choice to match with grey flooring.

Good inspiration always from Note Design Studio.
Have a better look here.

Photo Credit Jonas Lindstrom