Some thoughts

I have been away lately from my blog developing some things at home. Most of the time you can find me instagraming and looking what I am doing and show it when is possible giving every project the correct process.

Now that the construction is over I will like to design my own accessories for home. I have been reading from other designers and projects that are born in common situations with very affordable materials. Some of the qualities my husband and I have is working with wood, but I would like to discover new materials. Some of the inspirations are these two pieces,  simple but very beautiful with a minimal aesthetic. 

I like how my vision is growing probably of my age or interest in sophisticated forms.
I believe in evolution and how new perspective view can give you new ideas.

I would like to give it a try on some new projects that are pending in the list.

For now this things inspire me this days.

Thank you for reading and following.

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Sorting Autumn

This last week we have been sorting autumn clothing for Leonardo. The weather is changing and we always receive the new season with rain and cloudy days.
We have been exploring and having the best time now that we made the front garden.

We are currently using puddle boots and Zara baby clothing. Its our favorite brand because it suits my son petite size so nicely.

I selected soft grey, stripes and a touch of soft yellow for this early season.

So I hope you like it.

Have a nice weekend.


My son's bathroom

It´s been a while since we finished Leonardo's bathroom, I was waiting to share it when my bathroom was 95% done. So this is how it goes.

Leonardo's bathroom is a very small bathroom but enough for my little guy. I wanted to keep it all white so it could look bigger with black matte details like the sink faucet, shower handles, gym hook,  bath mat and bath towel.

So now we started all white and black I decided for some earthy tones with aquatic animal toys because we currently love sharks and whales.

I decided for a round sink and a simple cabin mirror because is a small space and we need to organize and hide the unnecessary things.

Leonardo also haves a little plant that takes care by himself, learning that plants need water, toilet training, washing hands and have fun at the same time.

We made a little DIY for his bathroom inspired by the Ok Book. Hooks with simple items from the hardware store. Some wood details and pretty much is it.

Im very glad I finally made a post about it sharing a my little small kid bathroom.

Hope you like it.
Have a nice day.



So probably you already know my kid start pre-Kindergarden and I have been extremely lonely. I have to admit that I cried allot about it. But I guess is normal starting this new phase. So I am taking it slowly, just organizing my head, taking notes about new ideas, and perhaps missing so much my love that is out of town.

This days are helping me allot to think what would I like to do now, that I have plenty of time. Leonardo is having so much fun and now I am wondering what I would love to do.

I have been only Leonardos mom ever since we moved to our new home and have been developing so much things around with allot of projects since we bought this place with nothing inside! Very crazy but so rewarding at the end when you start seeing everything put together.

I know a good business wont born from one day to another, but I believe I would start to develop my own stuff with DIY´s and hope you can feel inspire and do similar things.

I believe there is so much to create with good materials with less cost.
I hope I can discover new things and perhaps give born to my first creation that could give me so much in the future.

For now I can only wish you the very best and hope to see you around my blog.

Thank you for reading.

Much love.