I am lucky selected by Plumen Company to experience the new bulb design Plumen 002 inside my home.

The bulb is beautiful, love the simple and minimalist form that it brings to my favorite corner of my bathroom. I really love the moody blush pink that glows when I turn on the light.



Hi. I just stop by to say thank you for the kind support I have been feeling with my closer and beautiful friends. The target is very selective, but I am very happy people are connecting with me.

I have been working on some prototypes for an upcoming online shop. It takes a while to conclude.
Also I have been working on branding of my own image, finally that part is done, now just have to print everything, I am very happy with all the process, very stressful because I have so much home and life duties.

I will share everything when I feel is better.

For now I would like to share some of my currently inspiration. 
Im in love with Stasis Book from Trine Sondergaard, I have been working on my concept, inspired by her work and also mixing with my personal style with some pale tones.

Weekend is here. Have a nice one. 

1. Trine Sondergaard / Stasis Book
2. Inspiration



I was currently working on some things and I got distracted by this lovely chair I found reading De Zeen Magazine. Is created by Jean Louis Iratzoki. What I like most is the simple and minimal fun design. The colors are incredible aswell. Very interesting the process of it.

You can read more here.



Today I was thinking allot of creative work, and about the process of it. It seems like a good moment for inspiration when we are having such a great weather. Winter here is very joyful, you can be very emotional and very focus on what you are working on.  It happens me every year, I guess is my best time of the year where I feel very happy about doing something. I get inspire by Nordic design because it comes from the opposite of my nature and context. 

So today I started to remind my creative roots, what was my routine when I was working on Advertising agency? First of all my desk was a complete mess, right now is a bit a disaster I have to say, coffee, music and research at advertising inspiration from another creative people.

So today I just enjoy the day reading who won the Epica Awards 2014, I have to say I found some inspiration and took it out of context while I listen to Emilie Simon favorite song. Just so wonderful how other creative people took Nirvana song "Come as you are" out of context. Emilie Simon is one of my favorite Artist, her voice is magical and is amazing the way she sings Kurt Cobain legendary song. I have to say Kurt Cobain was a great artist and his seeds are growing even after death. You can listen the song here
Another creative people like Leo Burnett Beirut won for the Grand Prix award with the campaign "Making Music"with Nirvana. 

The point is creative minds encourage new creative people. And for me I try to take this inspiration out of context. 

I had the opportunity in the past to work in advertising and I was very good at it. I started with a good trainer, Catalan Creative Director, learned allot and my work was always going in a good direction. I was very focused learning from my team work and later became Art Director. Now is very different because I am out of context. The small town, slow rhythm and only me my family and the nature. So I started to find new ways creating things, I love interior design since my Son was born and from there  I started doing things with my hands. Most of the time I find myself re arranging things at home, doing some diy´s and just feeling free to do whatever I want. Is like being a kid again, no routines and just enjoying the days. But months ago I realized it would be fun to start creating something to express my feelings and can remain in time and still be beautiful. That is the contrast of my past, the fast rhythm versus my emotional creative vision. 

This photography was taken by me in one of my favorite beach spot. Water is my favorite element. You cant live without. This place is Sheraton Beach, it haves a very sentimental meaning in my life and I thought sharing. That day something just change. 


The Weather Diaries

The Weather Diaries, Nordic Fashion Biennale by Cooper & Gorfer from Gestalten on Vimeo.

This weekend I have been watching and reading some things that are inspiring me. One of the things I love so much is photography and fashion. I find "The Weather Diaries" Exhibition very inspiring and beautiful, is one of my currently favorites. So much connected with some artist here about creating projects with their hands and beautiful soul. I feel the same way about being stress and swallowed by the big city. It kind of opens my mind and reminded me working in advertising and editorial. I feel so much passion and calmness just enjoying one and each wised words. Defiantly this goes to my top list book wish-list.

Just beautiful.

More info here / http://www.nordicfashionbiennale.com/nfb

Hope you are still enjoying the weekend.