One of my favorite area inside my home will have to be my bedroom I believe I have never post about my bedroom since way long ago, where I relax, sleep, dream and cuddle with my husband and my son. I like it very simple with not much furnitures, I prefer empty fresh space. I think is been a while since I have made some arrangements according with my needs and what I feel better to have around. 

My husband side is the one I have made another modification, is crazy how I move this lamp and it came back where it was in the first place, but I use it more higher so I can hang my outfit of the day.
On the other side I have a simple Muuto Dot to hang my favorite knit blanket. Also I have some gold details like the small dot is a hidden jewelry where my husband puts his ring and keys after work.
The big round golden thing in the back is a golden metal tray that I currently use in bed, but some people just thought it was a mirror, so I kind it like the soft reflection of it. Lots of fresh linen and now cozy afternoons and nights. 

I like it very soft and simple, allots of whites, soft gray, a little bit of tan color, gold details and a touch of black. I found it very calming and I wanted to show exactly how it is almost all day. Now that I have my own bathroom I think I have less light in the morning, but still prefer this cozy atmosphere.

Hope you like it.
Happy thursday.


Crochet detail

When it comes to adding small details to Leonardos room is always a pleasure to share. I actually enjoy sharing his little world with everyone. So I will like to share with you this lovely crochet detail made by Keep Calm and Knit, a lovely girl living in Milan Italy knits very lovely products. I selected a lovely crochet jellyfish for kids decoration, you know how much I love aquatic animals, specially Jellyfish. I choose the light grey color knowing it will match perfect with one of the knitting blankets. 

Feel free to follow her work here on her website and her Etsy shop. You can find the link to her store on the banner sponsor side.

Hope you like it as much I do.

Have a nice start of the week.

Weekend Journal

It has been a while since I haven't made a post on the blog. It feels strange and sometimes I don't remember to have time for it. Is not that I don't want to but it seems that there is more things to get done before making a post. I know it sounds strange but I feel like I might not be doing what Im really good at, maybe blogging is not my highest point. Is fun to share things and stuff you like but that is not what really matters to me and expectations. I have farther ambitions, but looking at reality this is only a hobby that maybe I am distracting from real pleasures and blessing in life.

I made a huge parenthesis in this month about my life, resting and getting allot of things re-organized at home with my family. When I feel I am getting rid off everything that takes me too much of my time to get me to do what Im good at, there is always another thing that comes through.
So I thought, maybe writing a blog is not my highest point.
[Almost a month ago a hurricane named Odile, Category 4 hit Baja Peninsula México where I live, It landfall at 10:00pm sunday night. It was the terrible experience I had to live in my life, that is the reason I was not available. I had no power light, no place to buy food, no potable water, and with damages around us. Very busy weeks and exhausted at the same time. Thats the price you have to pay choosing to live in a land end place.]

So I wanted to come back make a post with my Son who is my priority and who I love to hang out.
Sometimes you have to sacrifice allot of things in life to see the happy smile on their faces.
I know there is something better and creative that Im good at, I just need to focus and find the time to do so.

Hope you are enjoying your weekend.


Some thoughts

I have been away lately from my blog developing some things at home. Most of the time you can find me instagraming and looking what I am doing and show it when is possible giving every project the correct process.

Now that the construction is over I will like to design my own accessories for home. I have been reading from other designers and projects that are born in common situations with very affordable materials. Some of the qualities my husband and I have is working with wood, but I would like to discover new materials. Some of the inspirations are these two pieces,  simple but very beautiful with a minimal aesthetic. 

I like how my vision is growing probably of my age or interest in sophisticated forms.
I believe in evolution and how new perspective view can give you new ideas.

I would like to give it a try on some new projects that are pending in the list.

For now this things inspire me this days.

Thank you for reading and following.

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Sorting Autumn

This last week we have been sorting autumn clothing for Leonardo. The weather is changing and we always receive the new season with rain and cloudy days.
We have been exploring and having the best time now that we made the front garden.

We are currently using puddle boots and Zara baby clothing. Its our favorite brand because it suits my son petite size so nicely.

I selected soft grey, stripes and a touch of soft yellow for this early season.

So I hope you like it.

Have a nice weekend.


My son's bathroom

It´s been a while since we finished Leonardo's bathroom, I was waiting to share it when my bathroom was 95% done. So this is how it goes.

Leonardo's bathroom is a very small bathroom but enough for my little guy. I wanted to keep it all white so it could look bigger with black matte details like the sink faucet, shower handles, gym hook,  bath mat and bath towel.

So now we started all white and black I decided for some earthy tones with aquatic animal toys because we currently love sharks and whales.

I decided for a round sink and a simple cabin mirror because is a small space and we need to organize and hide the unnecessary things.

Leonardo also haves a little plant that takes care by himself, learning that plants need water, toilet training, washing hands and have fun at the same time.

We made a little DIY for his bathroom inspired by the Ok Book. Hooks with simple items from the hardware store. Some wood details and pretty much is it.

Im very glad I finally made a post about it sharing a my little small kid bathroom.

Hope you like it.
Have a nice day.



So probably you already know my kid start pre-Kindergarden and I have been extremely lonely. I have to admit that I cried allot about it. But I guess is normal starting this new phase. So I am taking it slowly, just organizing my head, taking notes about new ideas, and perhaps missing so much my love that is out of town.

This days are helping me allot to think what would I like to do now, that I have plenty of time. Leonardo is having so much fun and now I am wondering what I would love to do.

I have been only Leonardos mom ever since we moved to our new home and have been developing so much things around with allot of projects since we bought this place with nothing inside! Very crazy but so rewarding at the end when you start seeing everything put together.

I know a good business wont born from one day to another, but I believe I would start to develop my own stuff with DIY´s and hope you can feel inspire and do similar things.

I believe there is so much to create with good materials with less cost.
I hope I can discover new things and perhaps give born to my first creation that could give me so much in the future.

For now I can only wish you the very best and hope to see you around my blog.

Thank you for reading.

Much love.



Well, hello, Here I am writing on my blog, I feel like a stranger also. But I believe now I will start writing  finding the time and organize more my mornings with so much silence. I will start to organize my space, thinking what would I like to do, how I want people to look at me, do I want to start a business?, and start a new journey, because I believe now I have the time to do so.

What is more important to me is to do something creative, I will like to design some personal things, create and not just buy others designers work.

I believe in myself I have so much to give and I will try to work on it.

For now just a little bit of monday motivation to start the week.

Have a nice one.

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Leonardo´s Bedroom (Kids project)

I believe there is always something new to show, and details that we are currently using. I like the evolution from the last post. I created this space for my son, who is now two years and four months old. The idea was to create a fun place with geometric shapes using my favorite palette color of soft grey, blond wood, white and a touch of black.

As you can see now the bookshelves are no longer part of the room, I decided to take them down and replace it with a hanging clothing rack that I made weeks ago. The books are now inside the wooden box with a pillow. Now every detail is functional and everything appears to be more organize but still fun. One of the toys my son really likes is the big silver ball, the wooden building blocks, and the chalkboard matrioskas. And one of the things I love most are the details of fish and jellyfish from the blanket and book.

The beautiful details would be the Hay gym hooks, the clothing rack, componibili bedside table, the eye print, and of course the plywood play-box.
I had a great time taking this pictures for collaboration for another blog and a Magazine that I will soon share it. In the meanwhile let me know what do you think and what do you like most.
Hope you can be inspire and create a fun place for your little ones.
Feel free to send me a e-mail if you would like to published my son bedroom so I can provide high resolution pictures.


Caroline Bosmans AW14/15

Currently I am admiring Caroline Bosmans work.  Not also is she a incredible fashion designer for kids, she is a talented human beeing. She have a delightful Instagram feed, in my humble opinion its one of the best Art Director I have came across lately,  she is from Belgium and her new collection is a big bang on this early 2014 Autum -Winter season. 

Make sure to follow her on facebook fan page, you are absolutely going to love her work and don't hesitate to buy a piece of her new collection.

We are so glad we could be part of her impeccable work with the pom cap.

Photography and Art Direction by Caroline Bosmans


Monday Moto

Starting the week with good motivation.
Free your mind, is always a good start.
Have a good one.

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Clothing Rack and Chunky Sandals

Well, sure now is Friday and I am exited because the weekend is finally here! The DIY thing is pretty great to do, the fact doing things with our hands can be more interesting than I thought. I am not good showing the process but you can check a similar here. I made this clothing rack with wood and cooper.  I decided to choose black matte paint and very pleased with the result. Actually I made it for my kid, thats why I decided to make a mix and use some auxiliary toys from the playroom to make something unpredictable with the pictures.

I have the philosophy to create things with our hands, I am very thankful my husband helped me. He is very methodic on doing things and very neat with the finishes. 

The process is quiet simple, and they are very useful. We made this DIY a few weeks ago, and I wanted to share it with you. 

Among all the beautiful  inspiration I would like to share my favorite Chunky Sandals, that got from Zara. You probably already saw them on my Instagram feed. They are pretty great and comfy sandals. They look great with everything, love the velcro detail. I went for a ultramarine blue color. I feel very attractive with this color just perfect for summer.

Hope you like this small beautiful details.

Have a wonderful weekend.



I want to share some of my loving things from my kitchen. Here are some kitchen wooden utensils I love so much and more kitchen stuff I use everyday.

Also I want to share the first DIY that my husband and I made for the kitchen. Wooden box shelves are easy to build, they come in the Ok Book, but I made a mini version size. We added a clip just like Muuto design brand. I love how they look against the soft gray wall. This is exactly what I was needing to make a balance, it was a very lonely wall before.

I also moved my Ikea PS lamp to the kitchen, I find it very useful here.

Today I made some fresh lemonade with mint for the hot summer.

Hope you like this new kitchen details.

Have a wonderful day.



Currently working on some things and keeping me very busy and motivated to create new stuff for my home. We already made a few, and I want to share them with you.

But first I want to mention my motivation and inspiration. Ok Book is created by Riikka Kantinkoski and Susanna Vento, both talented and beautiful soul.

I know the book is finnish language, but somehow I knew I could figure it out with the pictures, is a visual book and I don't need to do the exact same size. This way I feel free to personalize dimensions that can work best for me.

So now I am working on some things that I will bring up to the blog and show more progress that I believe worth sharing.

Enjoy your stay.

Have a wonderful day.